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Taking the flying turtle to Hawaii

Taking the flying turtle to HawaiiTOKYO - The first flight of an A380 with a new operator has always been a notable event. There were 14 of these since 2007 and on May 24 it definitely happened for the last time, in Tokyo-Narita, as Airbus had announced in February the termination of the A380 program until 2021. »

Flying on Austrian Airlines’ Boeing 777 to Cape Town

Flying on Austrian Airlines’ Boeing 777 to Cape TownVIENNA - Austrian Airlines (AUA) is the smallest long-haul airline within the Lufthansa Group with twelve aircraft in this segment, one half being Boeing 767s, the other 777s. The motto "small is beautiful" fits AUA perfectly. »

Record flight on the world's longest route

Record flight on the world's longest routeSINGAPORE - There I go again on board the longest scheduled flight in the world from Singapore to New York! I recall very vividly how I did this torture once before in 2004, because yes, that’s what it was back then. It took me 18 hours and eleven minutes on an A340-500 from New York to Singapore. »

Crossing Australia in Virgin`s A330

Crossing Australia in Virgin`s A330SYDNEY - To fly transcontinental in Australia means comparable distances to North America, the Aussies call this “tyranny of distance”. Nobody would think of crossing the 3.300 kilometres as the crow flies between Sydney on the South Pacific coast in the East and Perth on the Indian Ocean in the south-western corner of the country on the ground. »

On tour with Singapore Airlines latest Business Class

On tour with Singapore Airlines latest Business ClassSYDNEY - I am often asked which is my favourite airline. That’s always hard for me to answer, as I see some things at least in many airlines that I like. One airline, however, sticks out, partially because I fly on it since 1986: Singapore Airlines (SIA). »

In the cabin of the Air France offspring Joon to Brazil

In the cabin of the Air France offspring Joon to BrazilFORTALEZA - Air France, currently battered by strikes, is far behind in the quest of the airline industry to lower costs and become more efficient to sustain tough competition. One way to achieve this is supposedly the new “Joon” brand, whose operational costs are 15-18% below the Air France main-line, according to Joon`s CEO. »

To the Indian Ocean with the new A350 of Air Mauritius

To the Indian Ocean with the new A350 of Air Mauritius JOHANNESBURG - Fortunes for airlines in the Indian Ocean can change quickly, as currently illustrated by the example of Air Seychelles, which I have reviewed here just one year ago. At the time the carrier operated two A330s, to Düsseldorf among other routes.»
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How Qatar Airways gives "Business Class” a new meaning

How Qatar Airways gives DOHA - Qatar Airways doesn’t appear modest at all when praising its new premium product as “the best Business Class in the world” or, literally, “First in Business”. Anyone who puts the benchmark this high should make sure to be able to deliver. »
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Trying out Ethiopian's newest jets, A350 and Boeing 787

Trying out Ethiopian's newest jets, A350 and Boeing 787CAPE TOWN - Ethiopian Airlines is Africas biggest airline since some time, ranging in front the former market leaders from the continent, SAA, Kenya Airways and Egypt Air. Ethiopian Airlines has long held the reputation of being Africa’s best airline, an assertion supported by its continuous profitability, its modern aircraft fleet and its impressive route network.»

How does Finnairs A330 score versus its A350 product?

How does Finnairs A330 score versus its A350 product?HELSINKI - Finnair has massively renewed its long haul fleet by adding currently eleven A350s, eight more are to follow. At the same time eight older Airbus A330s remain a second backbone, especially for shorter routes like to the US East coast.»


South African Airways receives its first A330-300

JOHANNESBURG - South African Airways (SAA) has taken delivery of its first of five new leased A330-300 widebody jetliners, becoming the first Southern African operator of the aircraft type.»

United strolls into bare fare territory

CHICAGO - United follows Delta along the bare-bone trail and hopes to appeal to cost-sensitive fliers with a new Economy Basic fare option.»

Easyjet launches Apple Pay on web bookings

LUTON - Easyjet announced that its customers can now use Apple Pay for bookings made on its website. "This makes payment a seamless 2 touch process", Easyjet said.»

Emirates to charge passengers for seat reservation

DUBAI - Emirates will start charging a seat selection fee in its bottom Economy fares Special and Saver by October.»

Cathay Pacific relaxes its baggage policy

HONGKONG - Cathay Pacific Airways and Dragonair announced the introduction of a new baggage policy, which will see passengers benefit from increased check-in allowances and lower excess baggage charges.»

American introduces premium IFE content on domestic flights

HOUSTON - American Airlines elevates its passenger experience by adding complimentary premium movies, TV shows, music and games in the main cabin on all domestic flights offering seatback entertainment systems or Wi-Fi.»

"Do you want fries with your flight?"

BRUSSELS - Belgium is known for Tintin, for surrealism, chocolate and above all… fries, something Brussels Airlines did not offer yet on board, until today. The airline has put fries on its in-flight menu, wíth mayo or ketchup, of course.»

American introduces Premium-Coach in November

DALLAS - American Airlines Group will be the first U.S. carrier to offer a premium economy cabin with more legroom, in a bid to win overseas travelers seeking extra perks at a lower price than in business class.»

Singapore Airlines to allow passengers to bid for seat upgrades

SINGAPORE - Singapore Airlines has introduced a system that would allow a few select passengers to bid online for a seat upgrade a few days before their departure.»

Easyjet invents the smart shoe

LONDON - Easyjet has unveiled a prototype smart shoe - named the "Sneakairs" - which with their built-in technology could help passengers explore new cities (or navigate through unfamiliar airports) with ease.»

World`s largest self-service bag drop opens at Gatwick

LONDON - Easyjet opened its new check in area in the North Terminal at London Gatwick Airport which is the world`s largest self-service bag drop, according to the airline.»

Emirates mulls premium economy service

DUBAI - Emirates mulls introducing a Premium Economy service as load factors drop at the world`s largest international airline.»

IAG partners with Gogo for in-flight connectivity

LONDON - Gogo will equip 118 British Airways aircraft, four Aer Lingus Boeing 757 and up to 15 Iberia long-haul aircraft with its Ku2 WiFi-technology.»

APEX wants to collect "genuine" passenger feedback

HAMBURG - Arrive. Rate. This is the seamless approach APEX, the industry network for passenger experience, takes with its app-based passenger-survey tool "Official Airline Ratings".»

Recaro books orders from Air China, SIA and Alaska Airlines

HAMBURG - Ten Air China Airbus A350 aircraft will soon be taking off with Recaro seats. The airline has ordered 2,500 units of the CL3710 seats from the German aircraft seat manufacturer.»

Experience your flight live on your tablet

HAMBURG - Making its premiere at the Aircraft Interiors Expo in Hamburg, Lufthansa Technik will introduce an interactive system that lets passengers track their own flight live on their tablet or smartphone.»

Emirates increases lead time for check-in

DUBAI - Emirates extended its online check-in from 24 to 48 hours before departure in a move to encourage more passengers to use this option.»

Air Canada offers Gogo 2Ku WiFi on its 777s

MONTREAL - Air Canada announced it will offer satellite connectivity on international flights so customers can email, surf the internet and stream entertainment at broadband speeds while flying.»

United goes 10-abreast on domestic 777s

CHICAGO - United will retrofit 19 Boeing 777-200 of its fleet into a high-density cabin layout for domestic flights. A 10-abreast Ecomony seating will increase capacity by 20 to 364 seats, United confirmed to "USA Today".»

Air Europa to offer Wi-Fi on long haul fleet

PALMA - Air Europa continues to press ahead with its plan to offer Wi-Fi service to passengers on-board its three Airbus A330. The eXConnect system is supplied by Panasonic Avionics Corporation.»

American pulls the plug on air-to-ground WiFi

FORT WORTH - Gogo pioneered the in-flight WiFi industry but has to keep up with changing airline and passenger demands, as a public clash with Amercian showed.»


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